Murder in New York

Murder in New York

Murder in New York is a classic hidden object game
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Murder in New York is a classic hidden object game. Your task is to help detectives Brody Lamonte and Cathy Turino to investigate the series of bridal murders.
Playing the game, you will investigate numerous scenes, question key people, gather evidence, search for objects from the list and solve puzzles. Good graphics and excellent background music will attract you and involve into the game easily.

Investigating each location, you will have a task list. When all the tasks are fulfilled, you can move to the next location. When searching for objects you can use hints, which are unlimited but need some time to recharge after each use. Every found item will be struck from the list. Some especially important objects will be placed into the inventory and you will be able to use them further in the game. This is where you can meet a lack of help information. There are no hints on which inventory to use when investigating a body, for example, or taking out a clue. Sometimes, you will need to solve puzzles, which can be skipped if you feel you get stuck.

All in all, Murder in New York is an entertaining game for the lovers of the hidden object genre. Moreover, you can enjoy it for free.

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  • Excellent background music
  • Good graphics
  • Interesting gameplay


  • A lack of help information
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